Check below for periodic updates on writing, research into new projects, attendance to industry events and soon - a publishing announcement.


SWARM set to publish Nov 2 on Amazon


SWARM will deal with a post-pandemic America under cyber assault from China and deal head on with issues of AI Singularity, advanced AI weapons, a corrupt US and church and end-time prophecy. Based loosely on a true story of a program that escaped.  Mark Thomas jacket designer and Elite Authors marketing for support. 


Research Started on SWARM Sequel


The sequel to SWARM in progress that will extend the dilemmas of AI, AI weapons, geo-political erosion, a corrupt church, a corrupt US government and the implications of end-time prophecy and the evidence on the nightly news. 


Curse of Cortes' in preparation for 2021 Publish 


Still one of my favorite stories, the timing was not right to publish Curse of Cortes before SWARM and so based on a successful launch of SWARM, I expect to publish Curse of Cortes in early 2021.  


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