ABOUT Arthur Mitchell

After a successful Fortune 500 business career, alongside an active creative life, Arthur has committed to creating a series of suspense-thrillers with a historical or science-technology based premise. 

Adventurer - In the 90s, while an executive at an oil exploration company, Arthur earned a U.S. Coast Guard charter captain's license while living on the beautiful 50 foot sailing cutter -  Darjeeling.  An accomplished sailor and scuba diver, Cortes’ pulls from his own adventures in Cancun and Cozumel.  Arthur has dived to feed sharks and explore wrecks, or play with seals, tortoise, octopus and bat rays.  Arthur owned a condo in Cancun for a time where he had a run-in with an Israeli  cartel thug named Shay Golan (idiot bad guy in Curse of Cortes').  Shay made the mistake of threatening to kill Arthur, which, well, it pissed him off.  Shay lived to regret the threat.

Producer-Creator -Arthur has written various short stories, humorous rants and pilot screenplays.  During 1996, he produced an interactive espionage and AI webisode series that won a number of awards, an option by AOL and an unexpected visit from the FBI.  The series featured an artificial intelligence which had escaped NSA laboratories.  That series addressed the questions: (1) How could a program escape a government laboratory.  (2) Why would it want to?


During the early 1990s, Arthur also composed for Disney Records on several small projects.  An interesting and great learning experience. 

Moving forward

Curse of Cortes' will lay the foundation for a series featuring Miguel & Darcy with Hansen and Sophia to explore and unravel historical mysteries.  


SWARM will extend the SPYNET ONLINE brand with Derek, Lt. Scott and SLVIA to create a series of technology and AI based thrillers.


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